The Kin is dead

June 30, 2010 § 1 Comment

A few posts back, I had written the following on the Microsoft Kin.

“The one thing I found extremely interesting is that the Big V network is positioning this as a tween device but with a data plan akin to an iPhone or Droid. This makes no sense. Why would I pay more for a half baked browsing experience with poor phone performance and a good social networking interface when I get all the good stuff and a much better phone, awesome screen and a Webkit based browsing experience with the Droid or an iPhone.”

Turns out, I was not the only one. Microsoft canned the Kin today admitting that the product was a debacle. A few years back, maybe it would have been a marginal seller worth keeping in your portfolio. But with the bevy of Android devices, enterprise friendly Blackberries and the juggernaut that is the iPhone, any other vendor trying to make a dent needs to work extra hard. Hopefully Windows Phone 7 series will get much better traction than the Kin. For Microsoft’s sake.

And yes, its big enough that its trending high on twitter.


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