Android is cool too…

April 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am an iPhone user and for all the call drops I experience in the Bay Area (and I get a lot of the Call Failed messages) I love my phone for the kind of apps it offers. I have professionally had to learn writing code for android devices and also learn work with the G1 dev phone as part of my work. I have in this process developed a geek’s love for the OS that I dont have for the iPhone.

To me the iPhone is an end user’s paradise. Everything done so well with just the right kind of apps and app downloading experience I love not to mention the integration with iTunes. But what the iPhone isn’t is a developer/gadget geek’s friend. It is closed and unfriendly to one wanting to do more with it. Contrast this with the Android experience which is definitely not as sophisticated as the iPhone and the Marketplace is not as much fun to use. But the sheer volume of geekdom on the Android is worth all the pain. Everything from rooting the OS to being able to do a lot of things one can do on a Linux OS, the Android screams of developer love.

With the announcement of the HTC EVO, I am truly excited for a cutting edge Android device. If it lives up to the hype, count me in when my contract gets over.


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