About the blog

This blog was born out of an interest to write about current technology developments with a strong but not exclusive focus on mobile and wireless. The governing principles of this blog are as follows:

1. Stay neutral. Keep it as objective as possible. While there are occasional rants and opinions on companies and products, the goal is to keep it above fanboyism. It is about making friends, not enemies.

2. Keep it positive. Every engineer, marketing and sales person down to the office support staff working in the companies that make the products discussed in this blog are trying to make the best product ever. Sometimes it works out. A lot of times it doesn’t. By dissing or offering negative opinions on their products without personal experience or considerations is not fair. The criticisms you see in this blog will typically be followed by a hope to make things better next time around.

3. Educate by providing information and facts as and when possible. Most of my posts will have multiple links that direct the reader to source material and/or reference material. Occasionally there will be other blogs that are linked but often times, links point to fact based sites. The goal is to educate the reader on the topic of the post even if it means losing the reader for the remainder of the post.

4. Keep it ad free. Thanks to my education and some wonderful mentors and colleagues, I have a day job that pays me enough to write this as and when I can without expecting any monetary gains from it. Keeping the blog neutral and keeping it ad free also work very well together.

5. Make every word count. Every post should hopefully convey something new or unknown.

If you think a post or a set of posts deviate from this vision statement, feel free to drop me a line. I will do my best to address your concerns/worries and fix things where I can.


About the author

I am a wireless Engineer by education and profession. I am also a mobile technologist by choice. I am working to make a difference in the consumer mobile devices segment.

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