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With the launch of Kinect for XBOX360 last week, all three console makers have a motion control based offering. This is a good time to check in with what they offer and how they differ from each other.

The Wii was a revolution when it launched. It was an underpowered console that didnt pander to the graphics hungry Xbox360 and PS3 lovers. Yet it sold much more than the other two consoles thanks to the motion control gaming it introduced. It brought in legions of players who hadn’t played before- moms, kids, grandmas and grandpas. Most of us have a Wii if not to play extensively, atleast to see what it was all about. After three extremely successful years, the console’s growth has slowed down considerably due to the motion control fancy waning and lack of interesting games that made best use of the motion control ability.

The Playstation Move was launched in Sept 2010 as a PS3 add-on. Many have termed it a late Sony gimmick to match the prowess of the Wii and convince non-gamers to embrace the console along with its Blu-Ray capabilities. It is too early to term it a success or a failure or a me-too entry but time will talk of its prowess. Sony for its part has unveiled a strong set of upcoming games across multiple genres that will use the Move controller.

The Microsoft Kinect is the most recent and most intriguing entry into the motion control gaming segment. It uses no controllers but a complex camera arrangement to detect hand and body movements and adjust accordingly. For lot more on the Kinect, this link is recommended. The Kinect seems to have started off well with good reviews and people intrigued by the technology. It might do as well as the Wii did when it first came out which is what Microsoft is shooting for. With a reported $500 million ad budget, it needs to do well for the company to keep itself relevant in technology.

As consumers we get to experience and enjoy motion control based gaming irrespective of the console we own and love. And that is definitely a win for us all.

Links to the official websites for the consoles are here:

Microsoft Kinect

Playstation Move

Nintendo Wii


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